Source: Vogts-1919

Allgemeinere Ergebnisse unserer Hirnforschung. Dritte Mitteilung. Die architektonische Rindenfelderung im Lichte unserer neuesten Forschungen

Vogt C, Vogt O
Journal für Psychologie und Neurologie, 25:1:361-376, 1919

This segmentation of the cerebral cortex of the guenon (Cercopithecus), derived from the study of more than 100 animals, is based on cytoarchitecture and myeloarchitecture. It represents an independent parcellation and further subdivision of areas defined in Brodmann-1905, Brodmann-1909 and Mauss-1908. The areas are described in text (German) and illustrated in schematic drawings and photomicrographs.

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