To provide information about a structure, NeuroNames first takes you to its Central Directory. There you find its default(standard) name and links to other information, including its location, connection and other names for it.

Try it! Find the default(standard) name and links to other information about the island of Reil.
For guidance on finding information about a particular structure Open BrainInfo Again in a separate window and navigate according to the instructions below.

  1. Click 'Search by Name' in the green sidebar.

  2. In the search box, type island of Reil, and click 'Submit Query'.

NeuroNames will list all of the structures to which the search string island of Reil may refer. You will see a page like this:

Click the name that looks most likely to be the standard name, in this case INSULA. The Central Directory page for the insula will appear.