primary somatosensory cortex
Acronym: S1
The term primary somatosensory cortex refers to a part of cerebral cortex defined on the basis of multiple histologic criteria and identified with the mediation of sensations originating from the skin, muscles and joints of the body ( Kaas-2004 ). The area was mapped functionally by evoked potentials to light touch in several mammalian species ( Woolsey-1958 ). In the human and macaque it is located in the postcentral gyrus of the parietal lobe ( Carpenter-1983 ) and is commonly referred to as the anterior parietal cortex ( Kaas-2012 ). In the human, proceeding caudally from the central sulcus, it is identified with the cytoarchitecturally defined area 3a of Vogts, area 3b of Vogts, area 1 of Brodmann (human) and area 2 of Brodmann (human) ( Zilles-1990 ). In the macaque it is identified with the equivalent areas of Vogts, area 1 of Brodmann (guenon) and area 2 of Brodmann (guenon) ( Powell-1959; Paxinos-2009a ). Defined cytoarchitecturally in the rat ( Swanson-2004 ) and the mouse ( Hof-2000 ) it is a wide horizontal strip on the dorsolateral aspect of the rostral two thirds of the cerebral cortex; it is bounded ventrally by the secondary somatosensory cortex and dorsomedially by the primary motor cortex. That area in rodents corresponds to area 3b in primates. Different authors subdivide the primary somatosensory area of rodents into six to nine subareas. All include the whisker sensory area, the nose sensory area, the mouth sensory area, the upper limb sensory area, the trunk sensory area and the lower limb sensory area, ( Swanson-2004, Paxinos-2009b ). In the Functional CNS Model - Rat the primary somatosensory area is classified as one of two somatosensory areas. The other is the secondary somatosensory cortex ( Swanson-2004 ).

Also known as: anterior parietal cortex, primary somatic sensory area, primary somatosensory area, primary somatosensory areas, primary somesthetic cortex, SI cortex, somatic area INeuroNames ID : 1350

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