central gray
The term central gray refers to the central core of gray matter that borders the cerebral ventricles throughout the midbrain and hindbrain ( Carpenter-1983 ). Classically it includes the periaqueductal gray, the pontine central gray and the central gray of the medulla. Some authors now consider it to extend the full length of the cerebrospinal trunk ( Swanson-2004 ). By that definition the central gray extends rostrally to include the epithalamus and posterior hypothalamic area of the interbrain and caudally to include the spinal central gray. Functionally it is, by either definition, part of the behavior control column of the subcortical motor system ( Swanson-2004 ).

Also known as: central gray substance, central grey, Griseum centrale, Griseum periventriculare, Stratum griseum centrale, Substantia grisea centralisNeuroNames ID : 1584

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