Acronym: PRSB
The term presubiculum refers to a histologically and functionally defined structure in the hippocampal formation (HPF) of the human, macaque, rat and mouse. In the human it is located in the anterior parahippocampal gyrus ventral to the subiculum and dorsal to the posterior parahippocampal cortex ( Glasser-2016 ). In the macaque it is located lateral to the subiculum and medial to the parasubiculum on the dorsal surface of both the anterior parahippocampal gyrus and the posterior parahippocampal gyrus ( Paxinos-2009a ).
      . In the rat it is located on the mesial surface of the caudal part of cerebral cortex between the postsubiculum dorsally and the subiculum ventrally. Further posteriorly, it is bounded ventrally by the parasubiculum ( Swanson-2004 ). In the mouse, It is rostraly bounded dorsally by the retrosplenial cortex and ventrally by the subiculum; further caudally the ventral boundary is, as in the rat, with the parasubiculum ( Hof-2000 ).
      Functionally the PRSB is involved in head direction ( Simonnet-2018 ). Considering that it is part of the HPF, it is presumably nvolved in the more general control of orienting and attention to the onset of novel, potentially significant stimuli and to the unexpected onset of significant familiar stimuli. Repetitive exposure to such stimuli results in habituation of the orienting response and recording of a memory of the stimulus. ( Vinogradova-2001 ). Updated 4 Jun 2024.

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