fasciola cinerea
Acronym: FSC
The term fasciola cinerea refers to one of three components of the fasciolar gyrus of the human ( Mai-1997 Gonzalez-Arnay-2024 ) and the macaque ( Amaral-1990 ). The others are of white matter: the medial longitudinal stria and the lateral longitudinal stria ( Carpenter-1983 ). The fasciola cinerea itself has two parts. The medial fasciola cinerea is continuous with the dentate gyrus the lateral fasciola cinerea is continuous with the CA3 field ( Amaral-1990 ).
      In the rat and mouse, the fasciola cinerea is similar histologically but differs in that it is not a separate structure. Rather, it is embedded in the same cortical fold of archicortex as the CA fields ( Swanson-2004 Hof-2000 ). Updated 20 May 2024.

Also known as: fasciola cinereumNeuroNames ID : 176

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