The term rhinencephalon denotes a composite substructure of the endbrain that is functionally identified with the olfactory system. Defined by connectivity, it includes the olfactory bulbs and all structures that receive fibers from them including the olfactory tract, the anterior olfactory nucleus, the olfactory tubercle, the olfactory tract, parts of the amygdala and the piriform cortex ( Carpenter-1983 ).
      Other definitions, based on comparative neuroanatomy, such as rhinencephalon of Crosby , or on other criteria, such as rhinencephalon of Nomina Anatomica, are more extensive. For a concise review of the history and multiple uses of this term see Anthoney-1994. Updated 8 Jun 2024. Update 8 Jun 2024.

Also known as: olfactory brain, olfactory lobe, paleopalliumNeuroNames ID : 2078

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