basal nucleus
Acronym: B
The term basal nucleus refers to discrete groups of large cells revealed by Nissl stain in the rostral portion of the substantia innominata of the human ( Anthoney-1994; Schiebler-1999 ) and the macaque ( Szabo-1984 ). The primate structure probably has a topological equivalent in the rat ( Swanson-2004 ) and the mouse ( Hof-2000 ), which has been variously known as the magnocellular preoptic nucleus, the nucleus of the horizontal limb of the diagonal band, and the magnocellular nucleus of the pallidum ( Swanson-2004 ).

Also known as: basal forebrain nucleus, basal magnocellular nucleus, basal nuclei of Meynert, basal nucleus of Meynert, magnocellular basal forebrain, magnocellular preoptic nucleus, nucleus basalis of Meynert, Nucleus basalis, Nucleus basalis (Meynert), Nucleus basalis MeynertNeuroNames ID : 275

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