mammillary body
Acronym: mmb
The term mammillary body refers to a surface feature of the hypothalamus revealed by dissection in the human, macaque, rat and mouse. It is a small paired spherical protruberance located on the ventral surface of the posterior hypothalamic region, caudal to the posterior median eminence. It's posterior surface defines the boundary of the interbrain with the midbrain.
     Many authors use the term to refer to cell groups within the mammillary body. All who use the term in that sense include the medial mammillary nucleus ( Saper-2004 ); some include the lateral mammillary nucleus ( Swanson-2004 ); others include the tuberomammillary nucleus, the supramammillary area, and the premammillary nuclei as well ( BAMS ).

Also known as: mamillary body, Corpora mamillaria, Corpora mammillaria, Corpus mamillare, Corpus mamillaris, Corpus mammillareNeuroNames ID : 412

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