paramedian reticular nuclei
Acronym: PMRt
The term paramedian reticular nuclei refers to collections of cells within and bordering the medial longitudinal fasciculus of the medulla lateral to the nucleus raphe obscurus of the medullary reticular formation in the human ( Paxinos-2012 ), the macaque ( Paxinos-2009a ), the rat ( Swanson-2004 ), and the mouse ( Franklin-2008 ). Some authors divide the nuclei of the human into three subnuclei: the dorsal paramedian reticular nucleus, the accessory paramedian reticular nucleus, and the ventral paramedian reticular nucleus ( Carpenter-1983 ). Functionally they belong to the postcerebellar and precerebellar nuclei of the behavior control column ( Swanson-2004 ).

Also known as: paramedian reticular nucleusNeuroNames ID : 734

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